Welcome to my new website!

I’m not exactly sure when food and nutrition became my passion, but it is rooted in me now. I wasn’t always this “food secure”, it took years of practice. In college I experimented in the kitchen which usually resulted in a disaster… mostly a big mess and burnt food. I learned then that for me recipes are hard to follow and started creating my own.

Food Soothes

I finally mastered a carrot soup which I wooed my first husband with. The guy I shouldn’t have wasted my cooking talents on, although I continued to cook for him for the next decade! Always tense… my stomach  in knots, I wish I understood the principles of  food as medicine so that I could have nourished myself.  I learned the hard way, but now I understand the healing properties of good quality food can even soothe the memories of a bad relationship.

Nourishing clients

So, now when visiting a client’s home, immediately I am comfortable in their kitchen because I know we will create something special together to soothe and nourish their concerns.

Constantly Bombarded

Every day we are bombarded with nutrition and health messages and a seemingly endless array of concerns about lifestyle and diet. For many, food and nutrition has become an overwhelming chore. We are stressed and confused when it comes to food choices, food preparation and meal time- good foods, bad foods, low fat, no carbs, and the dreaded weight loose issue. No wonder food preparation is no longer fun.

Life energy

Eating and growing good quality food is an essential ingredient in life. Food connects us to who we are and gives us the energy to live to our potential. Eatmindfully was created  to nourish the cook within, simplify everyday nutrition and bring pleasure to the table.

Click Through

Please explore my new site. Get started by discovering the Six Steps to Transition to Cleaner Foods.  From there see all the health benefits from eating whole foods in Food as Medicine.  If you are looking for ways to support your community and buy from local farmers click on Resources  for a listing. In addition, I provide private nutritional consulting, cooking and nutrition workshops, as well as setting up small vegetable gardens, so please take a look at Cooking/workshops for upcoming events.

So, let’s invite the joy back into the kitchen , and make mealtime  a time when people come together to share nourishing food and conversation.