I’m looking into a bowl of soup, with perfect golden fat goblets floating on the surface, not just any soup, my mother-in-law’s chicken soup. This recipe is ingrained in her mind. She memorized the recipe before she fled from Poland in 1938. She watched her mother make this soup and taught her girls the same method. This soup is my medicine- it soothes my soul and cures all my aliments!

What is food as medicine you might ask? I wish that I understood the medicinal properties of foods in the 80′s’ and 90′s. Instead of eating low fat, I should have been eating good fats that would have nourished my brain so that I would have made better decisions and left that bad relationship sooner! If I was eating salmon, walnuts, avocados, olive oil and coconut oil I would have ran from the apartment instead of always being coerce to stay!

Now when I make my mother in law’s soup I use  whole  local pastured raised chickens, skin and all!  According to traditional Chinese medicine, chicken skin is beneficial for smooth skin in women. And the longer you cook the soup, calcium is leached out from the chicken bones and the soup becomes rich in calcium. Fruits are medicine because they are loaded with antioxidant that fight cancer. Vegetables contain high amounts of minerals that fight inflammation which protect us from degenerative diseases such heart disease, inflammatory bowl disease, arthritis, osteoporosis, and many others. Seaweed support thyroid function. Yogurt contains bacteria that mends the gut. Salmon and walnuts, supply us with omega fatty acids that protect the brain , the heart, and other systems.

The numerous health promoting nutrients found in whole foods work together in our body in such a way that the whole is greater then the parts. Processed foods, including diet soda, do not act the same way in the body. Processed foods are stripped of nutritional value and create diseased states in our body.  Hundreds of studies point to the fact that bad nutrition causes a wide range of degenerative diseases, including cancers.

Turn your pantry into an apothecary. Natural, organic, local foods have the power to heal the body. Food is our best medicine!