Back from 5 days of skiing….ate pizza, stews (grass feed of course), chocolate, energy bars. Drank wine, scotch, and champagne- to bring in the New Year, and believe it or not I always travel with mung beans for sprouting …. If there is a kitchen that’s good-  if not that dosen’t stop me, I find a space to grow sprouts!

You can laugh at me, my kids do… as they munch on bean spouts! Sprouts are nutrient dense- lots of protein and are abundant in enzymes- so they helped me digest all the heavy food that I ate during my trip.

Why Sprout?

Sprouting, micro gardening and back yard gardens has become a new food movement….more and more people are rethinking our food supply- where and how food is grown. We are buying organic and locally raised food – and starting back yard gardens – It is the simplest way a household can reclaim its food supply and lessen environmental stress on the planet!

Learn How to Sprout and Grow Micro Greens!

Please join me for “Growing a Kitchen Garden” workshop.

Thursday, February 21, 10-11:30 am

The event will be held at the beautiful home of my good friend  Hillary Kushner-

9915 Logan Drive, Potomac

Fee $35.00

Click here to register or call  301-351-0627.

I will have containers to plant in, or you can bring your own!

Hope to see you!