All Calories Are Not Created Equal

When it comes to dating, oops, I mean dieting, everyone has their own opinion based on their own results! My mother told me not to marry my first husband but I didn’t listen to her… I had to find out for myself. Dieting is similar – you have to learn what works for you… As for me,  the bottom line is calories in and calories out, although not all calories are created equal. Not all calories have the same biochemical responses in the body. In order to lose weight and to be successful at dieting and long term changes, you need to nourish your brain and your body with the right types of foods as well as becoming mindful of  smaller portions sizes.

Eat Whole Foods

Eating whole foods, foods in its natural form, is the best diet plan to loss weight. These foods aid the body in running efficiently. By eating fatty fish, pastured eggs, raw seeds, raw nuts, unrefined olive oil, and avocados, you support healthy brain functions, specifically your hormones- the endocrine system.

Endocrine System

It’s a system of glands located throughout the body, which secrete messengers, hormones that communicate between your brain and your body organs and regulate a variety of things such as metabolism, digestion, blood pressure and growth. When your hormones are balanced you tend to feel happy and energetic.

Processed Foods

Processed, refined foods do not balance the endocrine system. Processed foods lead to increased food cravings, cloudy thinking, bad food choices, makes you fat, sap your energy, interferes with sleep, and affect your mood. Hormones have a significant influence on weight loss, therefore we need to nourish them through a proper diet.


In addition to keeping our hormones happy we want  to keep inflammation down by eating leafy greens. Whole grains are good when dieting because they contain  vitamin B6 and magnesium which  are energy nutrients that aid in digestion and absorption and decrease symptoms of stress and anxiety. Eat organic fruits for water, fiber and antioxidants. Try grass fed meats and organic free ranged poultry for protein that supports lean muscle mass.

Stop Super-Sizing

Finally, calories in and calories out- we have to stop super-sizing. Counting calories works, although it can become a boring task.  Cut back on portions sizes, eat slowly, and excuse yourself from the table, don’t be the last one there left to graze! It takes 20 minutes to digest your meal. Find something to do to take your mind off of the remaining food on the table.

Find strategies that work for you in order to eat less. Remember, the right types of foods with decreased portion size together is the best strategy for your weight loss success.


*If you need individual guidance in the weight loss process please send me an email for private counseling and cooking classes.


Download servingsizes  

Download this foodjournal and track the food you eat everyday. Research proves that  journaling is a very effective tool for weight loose.

Weight watchers is a good diet ,although they count calories which become tiresome, but they do not restrict any nutrients.  If you apply the whole food philosophy to their diet plan you will lose weight in a healthful way. Stay away from their packaged foods they are full of preservatives.

Worth taking a look at-  There is an on line therapist that helps you identify emotional reasons for over eating.