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Welcome to Eat Mindfully!

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Welcome to my new website! I’m not exactly sure when food and nutrition became my passion, but it is rooted in me now. I wasn’t always this “food… Read More »

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My Table

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Have you been thinking about your holiday menu? I’m starting my menu today. My process is something like this… I sit down at my kitchen table, feeling creative–… Read More »

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Holiday Hybrid

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Fall is the best season for cooking! I can’t peel myself away from my kitchen table where I am surrounded by glossy cookbooks and enticing food blogs with… Read More »

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Beach Body

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Its funny, but in February and March it seems as though our conscience mind can’t remember that by the 21st Spring emerges, the Parka comes off and we… Read More »

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Curry Chicken and Potatoes

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Inspired from my last trip to Jamaica and with help from my best friend Pearl, here is a recipe for Jamaican Curry Chicken… Curry comes from a cultural… Read More »

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Growing Micro Greens and Sprouts- February 21

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Back from 5 days of skiing….ate pizza, stews (grass feed of course), chocolate, energy bars. Drank wine, scotch, and champagne- to bring in the New Year, and believe… Read More »


Virgin Sangria- Herbal

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Freshen up your holiday fare with a light and refreshing Virgin Herbal Sangria! I love herbal teas! I am constantly brewing teas for my family- iced or hot… Read More »


Cast Iron Holiday Cookware

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This week is¬†Hanukkah, so I’m going through my kitchen making sure I have everything I need for a Hanukkah dinner. I open the drawer looking for a cast… Read More »


All Calories Are Not Created Equal

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All Calories Are Not Created Equal When it comes to dating, oops, I mean dieting, everyone has their own opinion based on their own results! My mother told… Read More »

Minestrone Soup with Crusty Bread- Photographed on Hasselblad H3D2-39mb Camera

Eat This Post: Minestrone Soup

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TRY THIS TONIGHT! Nutritious and versatile, this classic Italian soup combines vegetables, beans and pasta for a easy dinner. By modifying the recipe and using seasonal vegetables, minestrone… Read More »